Mark T. Mitchell 
Business Biography 

My business experience began in the advertising business. I sold and wrote ads for 9 years. The experience I gained helped me to advertise and promote my business through out the years. 

I bought the Golden Tides Restaurant in 1964. It was located on the property next to Rays Boathouse. It was a very successful seafood Restaurant and nightclub. In 1979 I received an offer I couldn’t refuse from Azteca Mexican Restaurants, so I sold it. I always wanted to follow my passion and open a casino or poker hall but they where not legal yet, so I moved on to more food service.

I opened the Sandpiper Tavern in the University District on 1966. It was this states first remodeled tavern. It still ranks as the largest beer keg seller in Washington (323 Kegs per month). Over the next few years I opened a number of taverns and restaurants, among them, The Clan, Arabian, Easy Street, and Jilly’s East. 

In 1971 I built Pier 70 on Elliot Bay for $130,000.00. Eight years later I sold it or $1.5 Million. I then bought The Windjammer and Charlie’s at the Shilshole Marina in 1979. I changed the name to Quinn’s Fishmarket and Bar. It was doing $850,000 a year when we bought it; our first year after remodeling we did $3.4 Million. 

In 1984 I bought the top of the Ocean in Tacoma. It became the top Disco Tech on the West Coast until it was burned down by an arsonist. Other restaurants during this time were Dimaggios, Frenchys’s, The Raven, and Buddy’s Café. I also had two restaurants in Honolulu; one in the Reef Hotel and the other next to the University Of Hawaii; both were very profitable. 

In 1987 I opened Spinnakers Bay Club. We were running over 1,000 people a night through the door. Two years later in 1990 I opened Sharkeys Beach Bar and the Beach House. I sold them after 3 years of nice profit. For 30 years I owned the top Nightclubs in town. 

In 1991 I purchased Debby’s Drift on Inn along with my family John Mitchell, who has worked with me for 26 years, Quinn and Mike Mitchell for 20 years and William Hubbell who has worked with me for 17 years. Together we learned more about online casinos and what it would take to run one successfully which lead us...

to 2015 when I expanded with Club Hollywood Online Casino which features a full gaming floor, Pacific Cuisine, Steak and Sushi and the world’s largest private collection of Hollywood memorabilia.