Some of the best aspects of igaming, both for entertainment and for profit, have been, and probably will always be the one armed bandits, or aka, the slot machine. For example, many new online casinos have only now become legalized in the United States and the first game they offered was? Slots. But Why? It’s not just because they are awesome...

Let’s start by looking at the options that new players are given. For example, some people in the not so recent past have felt that online casinos are “rigged” and a only a dishonest scam of sorts. They believe that they do not pay out fairly, or at all. For a time this may have been truer, but not now. So each and every site now shows their newest slot game on the front page to get people playing the game that has the worst odds in the house.

In an effort to increase trust between casinos and the players, many sites like now feature games that have a live dealer rather than just a random number generator. The dealer is on a webcam stationed just outside of the table allowing the player to see the dealer working the table and the cards or numbers clearly. In this scenario it much harder for the house to cheat, helping to give a lot of trust back to the industry. But that can not be done on the good old slot machine.

In addition to features like these, online slot games offer plenty of new and exciting options. One of the biggest advantages that you will find in online casinos is the payout structures, which are usually higher than traditional casinos. For example, you might make $.90 cents on the dollar in a brick and mortar casino slots, while in an online casino you can expect to get paid back as high as $.95 on the dollar, and in some cases even higher. This high payback will allow you to play more games for a longer period of time.

Generally the overhead costs in online casinos are a lot lower, allowing them to pay back their players at a higher rate. Before opening up a new player account, see what the slot payback rates are. It pays to play the machines with the highest playback rates.

The wide variety of gaming options are the second reason to play online slots for real money. There are virtually an unlimited amount of different styles of games to pick from. You can play 3 reels or 5 reel slots, diagonal pay, progressive jackpot and many more. The rake, or amount the house takes on average, tends to be lower on high stakes slots, so you may want to up the stakes and start betting more each spin. The action can literally never stop when you play online, you can choose to play any time of the day or night, and on any device, like a computer, laptop, or cellphone.

They have lots of different features from jackpots, to bonus rounds, to free spins, and all the fruit you can eat! Most gamblers can find a machine they really like fairy fast which is why they are currently, and have been the most popular game in USA real money casinos over 2016.

Have you ever wanted to play with more money than you actually have? Gaming bonuses are another big advantage. Online casinos will give you plenty of incentives to open up a new account on their site,sometime up to 400%. They will often match or double your first deposit, allowing you to get more money for your account. If you enjoy slots, this can be a very tempting proposition.

Extra bonus money generally has to be cleared through (you will likely have to play a certain amount of pulls), but once you clear the bonus amount, the money is yours to keep. It’s a very good way to build a casino bankroll to start with. This is something that you won’t be able to find at a local casino anywhere.

One of the best things that come from playing online is anonymity. The truth is that sometimes you feel like playing and you don’t want to go out to the casino. If there isn’t a one close to you, this can be a real hassle. There is also that the actual casino which, depending on where you live, can be full of sketchy or otherwise questionable people, as well as dirty and smokey.

There is no need to deal with that when it comes to the simple beauty of online slots. You just make your deposit and play when you feel the need to. It’s much less of a hassle if you enjoy gaming online. Lastly, you will find that the support that you get from these casinos is very good. You will notice that the assistance is friendly and competent. If it isn’t, then you can easily switch online casinos. Playing slots is one of the most fun gambling experiences that you can have, it makes sense to do it in an environment that is comfortable for you. There are tons of different online sites like Buzzluck to check out. Give one a shot and try out your luck for free or with real cash! Click here for more info.