The good times are fast and furious on this fun poker variation. The player has the flexibility of making one, two or three wagers. If you love poker, this game is bound to become one of your favorites. 

 Betting limits are posted at the table. These limits apply to all 3 bets—the Ante and Play bets must be the same dollar amount. The Pair Plus bonus bet can be any separate amount from $1 to the table limit. The player can also choose to play with no Pair Plus bet or with only a Pair Plus bet. 

 The game is dealt from a 52-card deck that is mechanically shuffled. Each player receives 3 cards face down. The dealer also receives 3 cards face down. The player’s betting decisions must be made before the dealer’s hand is opened. 

 If the player makes an Ante bet, then they must make a Play bet for the same amount in order to stay in the hand (after seeing their cards). We also allow players to play in the “blind” by making both the Ante and Play bets before the cards are dealt out.

 If the dealer qualifies with Queen or better in their hand, then all players who had Ante and Play bets must beat the dealer’s hand or lose their Ante and Play bets (but will still win any bonus payouts that they qualify for). If the dealer doesn’t qualify then only bonus wagers will be paid (Ante bonus and Pair Plus bonus). 

 The “House” does not take pushes in this game. 

 There are no envy payouts in this game. 

 If the cards are dealt out incorrectly, the mechanical shuffler misdeals the cards; or the dealer’s hand is accidentally exposed, the Floor Supervisor may “kill” the hand. 

 The cards will be replaced either according to schedule or at the casino’s discretion, as hand-held play does not affect the physical condition of the cards.