The pleasures of the Far East can be found at Play the classic game and discover it’s charms. 

 Dealt from a 53-card deck (52 plus the Action Joker). The joker will play as an Ace—unless it can be used to fill out a straight, flush, straight flush, or royal flush. 

 It is mechanically or manually shuffled (if done manually, cards are dealt out in rounds—not seven consecutive cards each hand). 

 The players and dealer are dealt 7 cards each. The starting point is determined by a shake of the dice (bank—usually dealer—is 1, 8 and 15). 

 The players will set their hand into a 5-card hand and a 2-card hand. The best cards must be in the 5-card hand. Otherwise the hand is “foul” and loses. 

 The dealer must follow the “House Way” to set their hand. The dealer’s hand can never be fouled and will be reset by the Floor Supervisor (if necessary). 

 If the player’s high hand and low hand beat the “bank” the player wins. If only one hand beats the bank, the player’s hand pushes. If both hands are beat by the “bank” the player loses to the “bank”. 

 The regular bet must meet the table minimum. The Fortune Bonus wager is optional and can be $1 to the table maximum. 

 Fortune Bonus bets will be paid, if wagered, for a straight or better whether or not the regular bet wins (or how the player sets their hand). Envy bets are paid to players who bet $5 or more on the Fortune Bonus for “4 of a Kind” or better. 

 Please ask a dealer how to play this game is you don't know—you’re gonna love it.