The Queens rule in this fun variation of everyone’s favorite game of chance—Blackjack? These rules will apply to all of our Blackjack variation games. The sections unique to Lucky Ladies are in bold: 

 The player must take a regular bet to receive cards. They may also elect to bet the Lucky Ladies bonus bet for any separate amount from $1 to the table limit (which will be posted at the table) 

 The game is dealt from a six-deck shoe that is mechanically or manually shuffled. Each player receives 2 cards as does the dealer. Both player’s cards are dealt face up. The dealer’s first card is dealt face down and is not opened until all players have decided their hands. At this point, the dealer will stop delivering cards long enough to take or pay bonus bets—a winning bonus bet is paid on any 2 card hand that totals 20. If the dealer is showing a 10 value “up” card, at this time the dealer will “peek” at the hole card (either mechanically using the “No Peek” devices or manually if the casino decides that this option is necessary). If a dealer Blackjack is visually confirmed, the dealer will open the hand and take all regular wagers (and the hand is concluded). If the dealer is showing an Ace “up” card, they will offer Insurance to the players before peeking. The insurance wager can be made for any separate amount from $1 up to half of the players original wager. No late insurance bets will be accepted after the dealer has closed the Insurance offer. If the dealer has a Blackjack then the regular bets will be taken and the Insurance wagers will be paid at 2 to 1. 

 If the “Peek” method fails to identify a Blackjack—and it is found out after player decisions on their hands—the hand will still count as a Blackjack and bets will be treated accordingly (including player Blackjack and Insurance bets). 

 Blackjacks will be paid “in turn” as the players are deciding their hands—and before the dealer opens the “house” hand. 

 Players may opt to “Surrender” any 2 card hand that is dealt to them during the decision part of the hand. The Surrender option is not available until after the dealer “peeks” under a fact or Ace “up” card. Split hands are also eligible for “Surrender” as long as the hand has no more than 2 cards. 

 Players may split any same value cards 4 times (except Aces which can only be split once) by matching their original wager. They may play the split hands as usual including the option to Double Down. 

 Players can Double Down on any 2 card hand by making a second wager for the table minimum up to their amount of their original wager. 

 After the players decide their hands, the dealer will open their hand to expose their hole card. If the total of the dealer’s hand is a hard 17 (not using an Ace as an 11), or better then the house hand is decided and the dealer will take or pay bets accordingly. If the dealer’s hand is a soft 17 (uses the Ace as an 11), the dealer must hit their hand until their hand totals a hard 17 or better—and then take or pay wagers accordingly. 

 Players cannot hit a hand that totals a hard 21. 

 Any hand (player or dealer) that totals a hard 22 or more is “busted” and loses. 

 All exposed cards in Blackjack will be burned (taken out of play) regardless of how that card was inadvertently exposed.