There’s no need for your trusty six-shooter on this game, partner. Our only target here is your good time while you play this popular variation of “Texas Hold “Em and “Pineapple.” 

 Betting limits for the regular and shootout bonus bets are posted at the table. 

 The game is dealt from a six-deck shoe. The player receives 4 cards and chooses which 2 cards to keep (the player may keep all 4 if they are dealt “two pair” or “4 of a kind” and make a second wager). 

 The dealer also receives 4 cards and keeps 2 cards by following “House Way” rules—which are also posted on the game. 

 A 5 card “flop” is then dealt which are community cards. The player’s best 5 card hand (out of the 7 total—2 in the hand plus 5 in the flop) plays against the dealer’s best 5 card hand (again out of 7). If the player’s hand beats the dealer then they win the regular bet. Otherwise the regular bet loses to the “House”. The “House” does not take pushes in this game. 

 Bonus bets will be paid for a straight or better—regardless of whether or not the regular bet wins. 

 Envy payout will be made to everyone with a $5 minimum Shootout Bonus bet if any player on the table gets a “5 of a Kind” or better (no envys are paid based on the dealer’s hand). 

 If the cards are dealt out incorrectly or the dealer’s hand is accidentally exposed, the Floor Supervisor may “kill” the hand. 

 The dealer must always decide their 2 card hand based on the “House Way”. If they t ail to do so the Floor Supervisor will bring out the 2 discarded dealer cards and reset the dealer’s hand.