Soy Glazed Beef Satay   7.45
with chili-spiked cucumber salad, curried peanut sauce 

Spiced Ribs   8.45
wok-seared with five-spice salt 

BBQ Ribs   8.45
smoked with traditional bbq sauce 

Caramel Orange Prawns   8.85
with asian slaw 

Caramel Ginger Chicken   7.85 

BBQ Pork   7.45
fire alarm mustard sauce and sesame seeds 

Chicken Satay with Ginger Honey   7.45 

Chili Crusted Calamari   7.45 

Black Bean Lettuce Cup   7.85
minced chicken, shitakes, fresh letuce leaves 

Szechuan Pork Dumplings   7.45
chile black bean sauce 

Chicken and Scallion Potstickers   7.45
sake sweet mustard sauce 

BBQ Pork Spring Roll   6.85 

Tempura Vegetables   6.85
island springs tofu, zucchini, squash, broccoli, with soy ginger dipping sauce 

Crab Rangoons   7.45
fried won tons filled with dungeness crab and cream cheese 

Coconut Prawns   7.45
coconut and panko crusted, with chili-lime sauce 

Asian Nacho's   7.45 

Spicy Wings   7.45 

Edamame   3.85 

Combo Plates
Choice of two   13.85        Choice of three   18.85