Miso Soup   2.45
with island springs tofu 

Hot and Sour Soup   6.85 

Thai Chicken Salad   8.85
mint, chilies, red onion, cucumber and lime 

Classic Shredded Almond Chicken Salad   8.85
sweet ginger-soy dressing 

Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad   8.85
passionfruit vinaigrette 


7 Pepper Beef Tenderloin 14.65 

Beef and Broccoli   11.85 

Sweet and Sour Pork   11.65
with mango and sweet peppers 

Orange Peel Chicken   9.85 

Peanut Chicken   9.85 

Green Curry and Coconut Chicken   11.45
with greens and rice 

Classic Chicken Stir Fry   10.45
with pea pods, bok choy, peppers, mushrooms, and pickled ginger 

Hot and Sour fried Catfish   11.65 

Honey Walnut Shrimp   14.65
with wilted spinach 

Can't Remember Fried Rice   11.45 

Garlic Fried Rice   7.45


Soft Wide Noodles   10.85
chicken or beef 

Chicken Phad Thai   11.45 

Chicken Yakisoba   11.45 

Salmon Yakisoba   11.45 

Chinese Noodles   11.85
with Garlic Chili Chicken and Prawns 

Dan Dan   9.85
egg noodles, minced chicken, shitake mushrooms, cucumbers and chinese parsley 

Seared Scallops   13.45
on rice noodles with sweet shitake-oyster sauce 


Lemon Grass Chicken   13.45
with glass noodles 

Kalbi Ribs   16.85 

Korean Charbroiled Pork   13.85
with scallion pepper sauce 

Japanese Rib Eye Steak   25.85
miso marinated, with tempura onions 

Teriyaki Wasabe Salmon   15.65 

Hibachi New York Steak   25.85
with peanut spinach saute and sesame mashers 

Sushi Plates 

Small   11.85
5 pieces nigiri (chef's choice) and a california roll 

Medium   15.85
7 pieces nigiri (chef's choice) and a california roll 

Large   19.85
5 pieces nigiri, a sushi roll (chef's choice) and a california roll